'...a great musican..'” - Chella

— Shaw Univeristy WSHA FM

'Thompson's spare single line approach is well edited and fluent'” - Owen Cordle

— The New and Observer Raleigh

'...exciting solos by Thomspon” - Cliff Bellamy

— Herald Sun, Durham, NC

'For those who think you have to go to New York to hear great jazz, North Carolina continues to provide ample evidence to the contrary'” - Gavin O'Hare

— The Independant

'I kind of thought of Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue', just in the fact that the music I was listening to, set this scene and this very definite mood... congratulatioins on an excellent final product.'” - George Olsen

— NPR Morning Edition

'The music itself has a shine to it. Thompson's a jazzman influenced by Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, and Wayne Shorter but he's not a purist.'” - Megan Jones

— The Cary News