Mas Que Nada live performance
YouTube Video at Pedaler Win
Performance Carolina Preserve

Live with Tony Thompson accompanied by Debbie Naves on percussion performing 'Bags Groove'..

YouTube-Quartet Day by Day


Live Performance

Listen for the surprise transition!

The Touch of Your Lips

Live at C Grace Tony Thompson Trio

Jazz Medley

Practice session with Debbie on percussion and Tony on piano.  Tunes:  The In Crowd, Road Song, Hard Times and On Green Dolphin Street.

Tony crooning

"I'm a Lucky So and So"

Jazz solos-piano, standup bass and drums

Killer solos while performing at C Grace Jazz Club November 2016.  Tony on the Grand; Don Gladstone on bass and Bob Jackson on drums......wait and you'll hear Tony singing.

Tony Thompson Jazz with Debbie playing her pandeiro

On stage at C Grace the song Song for my Father.

Golden Girl Short Clip

Tony Thompson Jazz original song 

Live Practice Session-Road Song
Live Performance short clip

Dis Here performance clip at C Grace Jazz Club 2015

The Empress Room

Tony Thompson and Debbie Naves at the Empress Room performing one of Tony's arrangements, 'My Favorite Things' from his 5th CD entitled Tony Thompson JAZZ

You Don't Know What Love Is

Short clip of Tony's fast rhumba song 'You Don't Know What Love Is' performed with his quartet at C Grace Jazz Club

Performance of Cameleon (YouTube)
Live at C Grace Tony Thompson Trio
Live Performance by Tony Thompson Trio

Watch Tony play those keys up close.................

Live at C Grace Tony Thompson Trio

Live at C Grace Jazz Club Tony Thompson Trio playing 'Do Noth'n Till You Hear From Me'

Tony Thompson Jazz

Tony Thompson Trio (Aaron Turner, Chip Newton and Tony Thompson) at Unvined Wine Bar in Cary NC playing Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.

YouTube Tonymanmusic

Tony Thompson Trio at C Grace downtown Raleig

UTube C Grace

Tony's playing organ with his Trio at C Grace Jazz Club downtown Raleigh.  Chip Newton is on guitar and Andy Trexler is on drums.

Tony Thompson Trio West June 2013

Tony Thompson, Jazz organ, Chip Newton, Guitar and Aaron Turner, drums playing 'Cupcake Love'.

Tony Thompson Trio at private wedding 5/18/13

Tony's version of "Blue Skies" makes you feel like soaring. The song was composed in 1926 as a last-minute addition to the Rodgers and Hart musical Betsy.   Peter Innocenti on stand-up bass; Andy Trexler on drums and Tony Thompson playing those keys in his true jazz style.

Tony Thompson Trio. Tony singing at Harlem Bistro
Harlem Bistro performance March 29, 2013. Tony singing and playing organ, Aaron Turner on drums and Chip Newton on guitar.
Tony Thompson Trio at Harlem Bistro March 2013
Tony at organ; Chip Newton on guitar and Aaron Turner on drums
YouTube - Tony Thompson at Travenia Italian Kitchen
Tony Thompson guest organist with Jim Ferris Trio - beebop style
" title="The Prime Smokehouse" target="_blank">The Prime Smokehouse
Tony Thompson on organ; and Aaron Miller on drums; Wayne Kee on guitar; Aaron Mills on base and Ike Hawkins on sax at The Prime Smokehouse December 21st - Let's groove to 'Chicken Shack'!
Christmas 2012 performance at Artspace
Tony Thompson and Andy Trexler performing for Artspace's Christmas gala
YouTube - Tony ThompsonJazz New World Coffee House Performance 9 22 12
Video Special arrangement of song, My Favorite Things, by Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson Trio jazz performance at Artspace First Friday Raleigh NC
First Friday Artwalk Performance
Cindy Bradley website
Site for Cindy Bradley, jazz trumpeter (NY)
Tom Browne
Tony Thompson Trio performance
Calvin Edwards
This is one of the major sites for Calvin Edwards and the Calvin Edwards Trio
Tony playing with Cindy Bradley
This video features Tony Thompson playing keyboards behind Cindy Bradley.

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